Miteq Ultra-Wideband Amplifier, 0.1 – 10 GHz

CMC Microsystem’s Miteq Ultra-Wideband Amplifier has a 34 dB gain from 100 MHz to 10 GHz with a 2 dB noise figure. The amplifier requires a +15 VDC input and has SMA connectors.

photo of Miteq Ultra-Wideband Amplifier, 0.1 – 10 GHz

What's Included

  • Miteq AFS5-00101000-20-10P-5 Amplifier

Helpful Resources

System Specifications

  • 1 – 10 GHz frequency range
  • 34 dB Gain
  • 2 dB Noise Figure


  • Ultra-Wideband Signal Processing

Rent from CMC

  • Request this equipment on a short-term loan basis.
  • Click here to complete the rental application.

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