Optoelectronic/Photonic Process Technology: III-V Epitaxy on GaAs Substrates


  • Provide III – V materials to fabricate
  • Lasers, LEDs and SOAs on InP substrate
  • VCSELs, nonlinear optics and high-mobility devices on GaAs substrate
  • Multi-junction solar cells and converters on Ge substrate
  • MOCVD epitaxy of InGaAs, InGaAsP and InAlGaAs lattice-matched and strained MQW and Quantum Dot materials on 3” InP substrate
  • MBE epitaxy of high purity InGaAs, InAlAs and InP material on 2” InP substrate
  • MOCVD epitaxy of InGaAs, AlGaAs, InAlGaAs lattice-matched and strained MQW materials on 3” and 4” GaAs substrates
  • MBE epitaxy of high purity GaAs, AlGaAs, and exotic alloys on 3” GaAs substrate
  • MOCVD epitaxy of GaAs, AlGaAs, AlInP, InGaP, InGaAs and AlInGaAs on 6” Ge substrate
  • Wafer deliverables will go with the standard metrologies of photoluminescence (PL) and x-ray diffraction
  • Other epitaxy metrologies are available with additional fees


Subscribers (Academics in Canada)

The cost is highly structural dependent. Please contact zhang@cmc.ca.

Academics outside of Canada or Industry
Contact fab@cmc.ca for MPW access, or sales@cmc.ca for a dedicated run.

Minimum Subscription Required: Research

To Apply

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