Parylene Coating Service

CMC provides access to parylene coating service through Advanced Coating. A thin film of parylene-c polymer can be conformally coated onto various devices, substrates, and circuit boards to provide protection against certain harsh environment conditions or to improve biocompatibility.


  • Protection of microsystem components or circuit boards against moisture, chemical corrosion, and dielectric breakdown
  • Biocompatible coating of CMOS/MEMS bio- or chemosensors and other biomedical device

Graphic showing a zoom in view of the concentric ring electrodes with parylene-c coating on the outside
A parylene coated neuro-electrode array device for the intra-oral electrotherapy application. Service provided by CMC through partnership with Advanced Coating. Picture courtesy of Prof. Miodrag Bolic at University of Ottawa and NorDocs Technologies.


  • Conformal coating is applied by a vapor phase deposition process
  • Thickness ranges from a few micrometers to tens of micrometers
  • Coating works better on a textured surface than a highly polished surface
  • Selective coating is available subject to device dimensions
  • Parylene is well accepted in medical device industry due to its good biocompatibility and low cytotoxicity


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Get Support and Access

For engineering support questions and to request access, please email fab@cmc.ca

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