Photon Design CrystalWave and OmniSim Design Tools

CRYSTALWAVE and OMNISIM are modeling tools from Photon Design which are offered as a software bundle from CMC.

CRYSTALWAVE is a design environment for the layout and design of integrated optics components. It supports Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD), Finite Element Frequency Domain (FEFD) and Finite Element Time Domain (FETD) simulators and includes a mask file generator specifically optimized for planar photonic crystal structures.

OMNISIM is a design environment for the omni-directional layout and design of integrated optics components. It likewise supports FDTD, FEFD and FETD simulators.

More information about CRYSTALWAVE and OMNISIM is available at:

Software Version 7.0
Operating System Linux, Windows 7, 8 and 10
Bit Level 32- and 64-bit
  • Faculty with a Professor Research Subscription receive access that allows you, your students, and your research staff to access CrystalWave and OmniSim Design software.
  • Five concurrent use instances per tool from the subscriber’s research team, to access a shared license pool.
  • Access for one year
  • Access is authorized within the geographic boundaries of Canada only.
  • The use of this design tool is restricted to university research only.
  • Access to the software license keys is limited to clients, graduate students, and research staff.
  • Any NDN university Professor Research subscriber is authorized to access this product.
For more information, contact our Licensing Administrator at 613-530-4787 or
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