Quick Start Guide: Installing Coventor SEMulator3D® via CADpass Client Secure Connection

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CADpass Client Secure Connection (will be referred to as CADpass Client or CADpass in this document) is a utility provided by CMC Microsystems that creates a secure connection between client PC’s, workstations, and computer sessions, and the CMC managed CNDN infrastructure.

The following information will help you download, install, set up, and use SEMulator3D® with the CMC License Management System.

Prerequisites for Installing SEMulator3D® with CMC License Management System (LMS)

Before you begin this installation, you must:

  • Register with CMC at
  • Faculty supervisors can subscribe through the CMC subscription page at
  • Have administrator rights for the computer on which you are installing this software
  • You must have a unique login name (LINUX or Windows) that does not contain a blank space. The following are examples of unacceptable login names: admin or administrator, root, super, sysadmin, user, owner, student, guest, temp, and system

System Requirements

The technical staff at Coventor® (A Lam Research Company) provides recommendations for making the best use of its software, including the operating system and hardware requirements.

Note: You must have Administrator privileges for your account to install this software on your workstation.

Setting up CADpass Client for Use with Coventor’s CoventorMP and SEMulator3D®

CADpass Client is a CMC Microsystems’ license access client and is used by subscribers across Canada to connect to our secure license server(s).

  1. Follow the instructions in the quick start guide to download and install CADpass Client.
  2. Start CADpass Client and then log in using your CMC Microsystems Username and Password, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: CADpass Login Window

The CAD access window appears.

  1. If the window does not appear, double-click the CADpass Client desktop icon and then double-click  Coventor.

A red checkmark appears next to the entry, as shown in Figure 2. Leave this checked while you are using the software.

Figure 2: The Coventor Selection for CoventorMP and SEMulator3D® in CADpass Client

Obtaining the SEMulator3D® Software

Obtain the latest SEMulator3D® software from the Coventor Inc. website by doing one of the following:



Installing the Software

To install the software:

  1. Browse to the directory containing the downloaded installation file.
  2. Follow the installation instructions as outlined in the SEMulator3D® installation guide.
  3. Run the installation file SEMulator3D___GOLD.exe.

A pop-up window appears, indicating that you have started the installation successfully, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: A Pop-Up Window Appears When the SEMulator3D® Installation Wizard is Started Successfully

Once the software is installed, if this is the first time that you have run the software, the dialogue box SEMulator3D License Setup will appear.

  1. Enter the license path, as shown in Figure 4.Note: Always check CADpass Licensing Information for the latest port number and host name (server name).

Figure 4: SEMulator3D® License Setup

  1. Click Ok.

This message should not appear the next time that you run the program.

A dialogue to choose the default project directory will appear.

  1. Browse to the desired folder and click OK.

The software will automatically create an apps directory in your work directory and copy SEMulator3DProcessLibrary8.vlib and SEMulator3DMaterialsDatabase8.vmpd into that directory.

This can be changed later using the SEMulator3D Manager:

    1. Open the Application Options window by selecting Tools > Options.
    2. In the SEMulator3D tab, use the Browse button in the Project Directory field to specify a new default destination.

The SEMulator3D installation is complete and the software is ready for launch.

For further help with these instructions, open a support case with CMC Microsystems.

Additional Help and Resources

Coventor staff have included several tutorials with each download, and they may be found using the Help menu in the SEMulator3D window. Tutorials and user guides are in HTML format. It is recommended that you view the tutorials in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other documentation may be accessed through the Help buttons for each step, or through the Start Menu | Coventor | SEMulator3D |  Documentation link.

Other help supplied by Coventor includes:

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