Real-time Embedded Systems Lab (RESL)

Product Overview

The Real-time Embedded Systems Lab (RESL) at the University of Waterloo focuses on real-time embedded software and systems that are at the intersection of software technology, embedded networking, and applied formal methods. Real- time embedded systems are characterized by their interaction with the environment through sensors and actuators, their resource-constrained platforms, and non-functional properties. Part of the Embedded Systems Canada CFI project, the RESL is staffed by a full-time software engineer and is open to both academic and industrial use.

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RESL Contact:

Dr. Sebastian Fischmeister University of Waterloo E5-4112

Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1 1.519.888.4567 ext:33694


Tools and Technologies Available for You:
• Safety-CriticalSoftware Development
o Rapita RVS and the RTBx1210 – for target Worst Case Execution Time (WCET) and performance analysis of safety-critical systems
• DataMill for Benchmarking
o A heterogeneous set of machines with a wide variety of architectures (ARM, PowerPC, Intel, SPARC, AMD, and Atmel) for empirical evaluation of software performance.
• Avionics Case Study
o A Hexacopter with autopilot on RT-Linux attached to a stand for experimentation
o Research engineers Yassir Rizwan, Thomas Reidemeister, Peiyi Chen
• Tilera TILEncore-Gx36 Manycore platform
o A 36-Core platform for experiments on power and application acceleration

How to Access

Remote Access or visit the Lab

Accelerate compute-intensive applications in the cloud.