Sensirion SLG1430-150 Liquid Mass Flow Meter

The SLG1430-150 Liquid Mass Flow Meter is designed with internal fused silica capillary and PEEK™ screw fittings for microfluidic systems requiring bio-compatibility and chemical resistance. The meter’s sensor detects liquid mass flow by measuring heat transfer of the silica capillary. The sensor is calibrated for water, but calibration units for other liquid types can be requested either directly from Sensirion or through CMC. For non-linear systems, the SLG1430-150 can be switched to raw data mode which ignores internal calibration data. The Flow Meter has a minimum internal integration time of 5 ms for display of fast changing flows but can alternatively be set as slow as 640 ms to observe total flow over a longer period. The device is equipped with a RS-232 interface for digital communication and requires ASCII formatted commands. This rental package includes a Quatech Eight-Port RS-232 to USB adapter to connect multiple SLG1430-150 to a modern computer. A LabVIEW program outputs in-depth flow information from each connected Flow Meter.

photo of Sensirion SLG1430-150 Liquid Mass Flow Meter

What's included

  • Sensirion SLG1430-150 Liquid Mass Flow Meter
  • Power Adapter & RS-232 Connector Cable Bundle
  • Quatech Eight-Port RS-232 to USB adapter
  • USB Cable
  • LabVIEW Program

Helpful Resources

System Specifications

  • 5 nl/min typical sensing resolution
  • 0 µl/min maximum flow
  • 350 bar overpressure resistance
  • 10°C to 40°C internal temperature sensor range


  • Liquid chromatography
  • Lab-on-chip-systems
  • Drug delivery

Rent from CMC

  • Request this equipment on a short-term loan basis.
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