September 2021


CMC’s Annual Meeting of Members will take place on October 27, 2021. Formal notices associated with Annual Meeting 2021 have been forwarded to member organization Presidents and Representatives. If you, in your role as President of a CMC Member organization, did not receive the email announcement and notices, please contact 

CMC and Edgewater Wireless Accelerate Commercialization of Game-Changing Technology 

Superconducting Quantum Design Training a World First  

 CMC is interested to support applications from researchers, start-ups and enterprises to the NRC’s quantum computing challenges. Applicants interested in collaborating with CMC should contact Udson Mendes at 

FABrIC-Fabrication of Integrated Components for the Internet’s Edge.  A Proposal to Canada’s Federal Government.  Learn more


Open Job Postings

Microelectronics Technical Support Specialist

Quantum Computing Specialist for the launch of an IBM Q Hub 

Financial Analyst 

Participate in Upcoming Events


Don’t miss upcoming application and design submission deadlines for the following technologies. Learn more about recent price changes or view our complete technology portfolio.

Closeup of a microsystems chip


12LP FinFET, 22nm CMOS FDX, BiCMOS 90nm SiGe 9HP, BiCMOS 130nm SiGe 8XP


 65nm CMOS GP, 130nm CMOS Basic/Opto, 180nm CMOS BCD 


350nm CMOS Basic/Opto, 350nm CMOS High-Voltage 



Applied Nanotools 

NanoSOI Fabrication Process (NDA Required)


Silicon Photonics 

Fabrication schedule

Have a question for the FAB team? Contact

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