How Do I Add My Own PDK to CMC Microsystems Cloud?

There are two types of PDKs that can be used in CMC Microsystems Cloud environment:

  1. Pre-installed PDKS in /CMC/kits. CMC control who can access which PDKs based on agreement.
  2. Because of legal reasons, some PDKs are not allowed to be installed in /CMC/kits by CMC.

For the second type of PDKs, if you have an agreement with the vendor, you can download and install them in $HOME/mydata yourself (or with help of your local STC manager):

Copy the related script from /CMC/scripts to $HOME/mydata and edit it to meet the TECH path change; e.g., for CMOSP13:

set CMC_TECH=~/mydata/cmosp13.V1.8.0.0DM

In general, PDK installation instructions are provided by the vendor or CMC. CMC sends Products and Service Announcement(PSA) to STC.

STC managers can also find the saved information at CMC Kit Matrix.

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