SOSCIP Agile Computing Platform

The SOSCIP Agile Computing Platform consists of a set of supported online FPGA Systems, including Nallatech PCIe-385N and Alpha Data PCIe-8K5 boards housed in x86 and Power8 Servers. These FPGA boards can be programmed using OpenCL and make use of IBM’s CAPI interface, which allows the FPGA and Power8 processor to operate in a peer-to-peer coherent relationship. Suitable applications include compute-intensive tasks requiring efficient server-side processing in areas such as health, machine learning, signal processing, Monte Carlo simulations, and big data analytics.


Access to the systems is through SOSCIP’s application and approval process, while supporting software is available through CMC. SOSCIP and CMC Microsystems are seeking proposals (application form) for new industry-academic collaborative projects that require FPGA technology and will leverage other services and support provided by SOSCIP and CMC. For more information, see the presentation on the SOSCIP-CMC Partnership and benefits:

Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis from teams composed of principal investigators at SOSCIP member institutions and their industry partners. A small number of projects led by PIs from non-SOSCIP member institutions may also be supported. Contact James Millar to learn more.

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