Synopsys ASIP Designer

Synopsys ASIP Designer is a tool suite that enables rapid design and implementation of Application-specific instruction-set processors (ASIPs), achieving high performance and low power, while maintaining software programmability. Key capabilities include:
  • Rapid exploration of architectural choices,
  • Generation of an efficient C/C++-compiler based software development kit, and
  • Automatic generation of power and area-optimized synthesizable RTL.
More details on ASIP Designer can be found at
Software Version 2018.03.SP2
Operating System Linux 6.6+, 7.x, Windows 7, 8, 10
Bit Level 64-bit
ASIP Designer is available for research and training; however, to ensure appropriate and successful use of the tool, access must be approved in advance. Please contact for details and to initiate your request. On approval, CMC will provide:
  • License access a shared license pool for one year
  • Software
  • Engineering technical support (getting started and continuing use)
  • Faculty: receive a pass that allows you, your students, PDFs, and research staff participating in your project to access Synopsys ASIP Designer.
  • One pass supports multiple simultaneous users from your project research group, up to the limits of the available licenses in the shared pool.
  • Access is authorized within the geographic boundaries of Canada only.
  • Licenses may be used for academic research and teaching only.
  • Licenses may be used within your research group by you and your graduate students.
  • Licenses may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Access to the software license keys is limited to faculty, their graduate students, PDFs, and research staff participating in a project approved by Synopsys. To initiate the approval process, please download and complete the University Project Request Form, and email it to
  • An NDN university Professor Research subscription is required to access this product.
  • Only users from institutions that have an executed the “University End User License Agreement and Supplement” with the software licensor may access this design tool. Please contact our Licensing Administrator at to see if you qualify.
For more information, contact the Licensing Administrator at or 613-530-4787.

Software Download

Via the Sustainable Technology Configuration (STC) disk. For more information, contact your STC Administrator.

Quick Start Guides

Minimum Subscription Required: Research

Access through

Click for more details.
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