Synopsys Technology CAD Tools

Synopsys provides a comprehensive portfolio of Technology CAD tools. Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) refers to the use of computer simulations to develop and optimise semiconductor processing technologies and devices. These TCAD process and device simulation tools support a broad range of applications, such as CMOS, power, memory, image sensors, solar cells, and analog/RF devices. In addition, Synopsys TCAD provides tools for interconnect modeling and parasitic extraction. There are six inter-related TCAD tools available in this bundle:

  • Sentaurus Workbench, Device and Device EMW, Process, Structure, Mesh and;
  • Sentaurus Process Compact Model (PCM) Studio;
  • IC Workbench, a layout file viewer/editor complementary to Sentaurus;
  • Raphael, for 2D/3D resistance, capacitance and inductance parasitic extraction;
  • Taurus Medici, a 2D device simulator of electrical, thermal and optical properties; and
  • Taurus TSUPREM-4, a simulator for developing 1D and 2D semiconductor processes. 

For more information about this software and to find useful references, go to:

To read about the Sentaurus modules and accompanying training on our NDN Community pages, go to:

Note: License pass of this product is included in the Synopsys North American University bundle.

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