Wireless Sensor Network Kits

Product Overview

The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) kits consist of a selection of motes that can be used for applied and exploratory research activities in a broad spectrum of topics, including Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare, smart sensor systems, wireless communications and networking, distributed systems, sensor fusion algorithm design, and validation.

There are two configurations being delivered. Configuration 1 is for heterogeneous multi-sensor and wireless communication and networking based on IEEE 802.15.4 protocols (e.g. Zigbee and 6LoWPAN); Configuration 2 is for a heterogeneous multi-sensor fusion scenario with Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE).


Limited support for Train-the-Trainer events. Contact for more information.

Acknowledging CMC

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Contact for Configuration 1


Olive Zhao

Embedded Software Engineer

Phone: +1.613.530.4696

Contact for Configuration 2


James Millar

SOC Engineer

Phone: +1.613.530.4673


Commercially supported compiler – IAR.

Source code for many examples

How to Access

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