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State-of-the-art software for successful design. Available to academic researchers and to small and medium-sized companies

  • Over 50 Computer-Aided Design tools and design environments

  • A secure, distributed private cloud for hosting

  • User guides, process design kits (PDKs), application notes, training materials, courses

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CMC offers Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools for academic research and industrial R&D in the areas of microelectronics, MEMS, microfluidics, photonics, and embedded systems. Subscribe

Design kits

Design Kits

Design kits typically consist of technology files and device libraries. Combined with the CAD tool, kits allow you to design an integrated circuit in a specific process technology. Subscribe

Design methodologies


The design methodologies provided by CMC Microsystems help guide users through the design process to ensure successful “designs”. Subscribe

CMC Compute Cluster

CMC Compute

The CAD Compute Cluster is a dedicated group of servers enabling researchers to improve the performance of large computational tasks. Subscribe

Cloud Design Environment

CMC cloud design environment

CMC Microsystems' Cloud infrastructure (CMC cloud) provides researchers with secure, high-performance, remotely accessible EDA resources. Subscribe

Access to leading-edge technology in the cloud now available to US academics!

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