Quantum Computing Services

CMC is a proud member of the first IBM Quantum Hub at Institut quantique, Shebrooke. CMC offers quantum coding as a service to its clients. Our expert team collaborates with researchers to make quantum computing research more accessible.

Application Areas

  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Processing.
  • Fabrication of superconducting quantum devices such as Josephson junctions and High-Q co-planar waveguide resonators.

Quantum Prototyping

Fabrication processes and service will be available in Summer 2022. Contact

Quantum Design Environments

Design, simulation, verification, layout, and analysis of designs in superconducting, semiconductor and photonics quantum devices.


Learn advanced technologies that will power tomorrow’s 5G communications, artificial Intelligence, edge computing, quantum computing, and photonics-based sensors and systems.

Annual workshops are made possible via support from the IBM Quantum Hub at Institut Quantique, the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, CMC Microsystems, QSciTech, and Quantum BC.

Annual Gate-based Quantum Computing Workshop


This workshop will teach a hot quantum computing topic such as quantum machine learning and quantum chemistry using IBM Quantum Computers. By incorporating problem-based learning, teamwork, and best practices in quantum software development, you will gain practical skills to solve real-world problems using quantum computers. By the end of the workshop, you will be able to use the IBM Quantum platform and basic quantum computing tools to solve concrete, small-scale quantum computing problems. The workshop will also include poster sessions and an awards ceremony for the best student team presentations.

Annual Superconducting Circuits and Qubits Workshop


This workshop will teach participants how to design, fabricate, and test their own superconducting circuits. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of superconductors and Josephson junctions, and how to design circuits such as resonators, SQUIDs, analog to digital converters and qubits. Students will brainstorm with researchers at leading Canadian universities and industry to pitch their device ideas and use CMC-provided design tools to submit devices for fabrication by a foundry facilitated by CMC. Participants who have access to a low-temperature laboratory will be able to test their chips at their home institution. The Quantum FabLab at Institut quantique of Université de Sherbrooke will provide access to dilution fridges for participants who would not, otherwise, have access to such equipment.


For more information please contact:

Photo of UdsonUdson Mendes
Team Leader, Quantum


List of publication enabled by CMC’s quantum computing services.

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