CMC Basecamp™

CMC Basecamp™ courses introduce engineers and scientists to advanced technologies, faster. These courses provide a unique combination of theory and lab work through a design/fabrication/test cycle of your very own microchip. 

Learn to design hardware using the advanced technologies that will power tomorrow’s 5G communications, artificial Intelligence, edge computing, quantum computing, and photonics-based sensors and systems.

CMC Basecamp

CMC Basecamp is a suite of training courses which streamline researcher’s access to advanced technologies.

CMC Basecamp courses typically include

  • An intensive 2 to 3 weeks of tutorials, lectures, and workshops with tools for design and simulation

  • CAD tool access for completion of the design (restrictions apply)

  • Fabrication of the design using Multi-Project Wafer services offered by CMC

  • Support for Testing (options vary with course)

Select your Basecamp

  • SiEPIC Passive Photonics
  • SiEPIC Active Photonics
  • Advanced CMOS design  (12 nm FINFET)
  • Superconducting circuits
  • Silicon Interposers  (coming soon)
  • Electronic Sensor Platform  (coming soon)
  • RF  (coming soon)

Events & Training


Active Silicon Photonics

Training  in the design, fabrication, and test of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) targeting the AMF Si Photonics technology, and the ANT NanoSOI Si Photonics technology available through CMC Microsystems.


Advanced CMOS

Advanced training for students in the Analog-Mixed Signal Design Methodology using Cadence tools targeting the GF12LP FinFET PDK.

Superconducting Circuits

The workshop covers the fundamentals of superconductors and Josephson junctions, and how to design circuits such as resonators, SQUIDs, analog to digital converters and qubits.


Passive Silicon Photonics

Training in the design, fabrication, and test of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) targeting applications that include optical communications and sensors.

Quantum Photonics

Training on the design, fabrication, and testing of quantum silicon photonic circuits used in quantum computer hardware.

For more information, pricing, and schedule see our Events & Training page

The CMC SponsorChip program helps companies enhance their research efforts and links to academic researchers.

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