CMC SponsorChip™

The CMC SponsorChip™ program is an industrial sponsorship opportunity for companies to get technology insights and accelerate R&D, access exceptional tech talent, and support post-secondary research in Canada. 


Benefits to Companies

Accelerate R&D

  • Try out advanced microelectronics, silicon photonics, and MEMS technologies.
  • Propose design challenges and establish collaborative R&D projects.
  • Access CMC’s global supply chain for semiconductor and photonics fabrication.

Access Tech Talent

  • Tap into the expertise of CMC’s network of 10,000 academic participants: including over 1,200 professors and 4,000 graduate students.
  • Increase the visibility of your company, and recruit tech talent.
  • Leverage expertise of CMC’s engineering and scientific staff.

Support university and college
research in Canada

  • Professors benefit from low-cost access to tools and techniques that allow them, their students and research staff to test and publish new ideas.
  • Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows benefit from knowledge gained in hot industrial topics, affordable chip design and fabrication, and exposure to possible future employers.

CMC SponsorChip Options


Under the CMC SponsorChip program companies choose a sponsorship option linked to their area of interest and CMC takes care of the rest.

Manufacturing microsystems prototypes is one way to participate in CMC SponsorChip. Contact us to explore other options, for example: projects focussed on IoT and Edge AI platforms, design contests, events, and more.

  • Purchase a CMC-brokered fabrication run
    e.g., 12nm CMOS

  • Donate equipment, expertise
    or IP blocks

  • Invite professors and grad students
    onto your company's shuttle run

  • Support a CMC Basecamp™ training event
    e.g., FinFET design

  • Support a CMC training
    workshop or webinar

  • Make an untargeted
    financial contribution

CMC takes care of the details!

  • Connects sponsors with professors and graduate students.
  • Runs cross-Canada design challenges.
  • Manages logistics for multi-project wafer (MPW) fabrication runs.
  • Provides CAD tools and expert advice to students and professors.
  • Ensures contributions and equipment are well managed and used.

Contact to discuss your interests and subscription options.

CMC SponsorChip is a trademark of Canadian Microelectronics Corporation / Société canadienne de micro-électronique operating as CMC Microsystems in Canada and/or the United States

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