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Research in microsystems and nanotechnology expands knowledge frontiers, enables applications, and contributes to economic prosperity in Canada through advanced technology manufacturing.


Enable and support the creation and application of micro- and nanosystems knowledge and manufacturing capability by providing a national infrastructure for excellence in research through Canada’s National Design Network and establishing and verifying a path to commercialization of related processes, devices, components and systems.

About CMC

CMC Microsystems is a not-for-profit organization managing Canada’s National Design Network®.  CMC reduces barriers to technology adoption by creating and sharing platform technologies. 

About Canada’s National Design Network (CNDN)

A national network of 10,000 academic participants and 1,000 companies developing innovations in micro-nanotechnologies. CNDN is recognized as a Major Research Facility and has been awarded funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Major Science Initiatives (MSI) program. 

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Dr. Boris Stoeber with company co-founder Iman Mansoor and Dr. Mehrsa Raeiszadeh, a Microdermics employee, demonstrating less invasive blood sampling.

Taking the sting out of injections

Dr. Boris Stoeber (right), professor at University of British Columbia, is redefining drug delivery through the
development of painless, hollow metal microneedle arrays that barely penetrate the skin. More recently,
he and his team have integrated optical sensing properties into these arrays, offering a faster, cheaper and
less invasive alternative to hypodermic-based blood sampling for drug monitoring. Founder of microneedle
startup Microdermics, he is shown here with company co-founder Iman Mansoor (centre) and Dr. Mehrsa
Raeiszadeh (left), Microdermics employee.

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Photo of University of Waterloo innovator Karim Karim (far right) and his team

Reinventing X-ray technology

University of Waterloo innovator Karim Karim (far right) and his team combined existing LCD technology
and manufacturing processes with a unique electronic architecture to create better, safer and lower-cost
X-ray imaging. Their technology offers the potential to improve disease screening and diagnosis worldwide,
especially in remote and underserved communities.

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Photo of Dr. Leonid Belostotski working in a lab

Novel receivers target world’s largest radio telescope

Dr. Leonid Belostotski’s pioneering development of focal plane arrays with low-noise receivers is solving a
major problem in cosmic research while creating novel technologies with broad commercial potential. The
University of Calgary researcher’s work is part of a global effort to build the world’s largest radio telescope
for transformational research into the evolution of our universe.

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