The Douglas R. Colton Medal for Research Excellence

Colton Medal

CMC Microsystems recognizes excellence in Canadian micro-nano research through its annual Douglas R. Colton award. Established in honour of the founding president of CMC Microsystems, this award includes a medal and a monetary prize of $4,500.

Faculty, students or alumni who have successfully completed a Master’s or PhD degree in a Canadian university within the previous three calendar years are eligible for this award.

2023 Deadline: Friday, August 25

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2022 Winner


Dr. Gabriel Gagnon-Turcotte  (Université Laval)

Dr. Gabriel Gagnon-Turcotte of Université Laval has been awarded the 2022 Douglas R. Colton Medal for Research Excellence.

For his Master’s degree and PhD, Gagnon-Turcotte focused on the development of intelligent optogenetic microsystems applied to the study of brain diseases. This innovation has made it possible to investigate several hypotheses concerning the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy and provided researchers with a new way of studying the brain.

TEXPO Student Competition and Exposition

Established by CMC Microsystems, TEXPO offers graduate students in Canada’s National Design Network a unique opportunity to demonstrate their novel applications of micro-nano technologies to industry representatives and academic peers.

Students are invited to take part in TEXPO and compete for a total of $12,500 in awards in four categories:

TEXPO 2022 Winners

Award for Excellence in Microsystems CAD Tools and Design Methodology Winner

Sponsor: COMSOL
Winner: Roberto Silva
Supervisor: Roman Genov
Organization: University of Toronto
Title: Coded-Exposure-Pixel (CEP) Camera for Scene-Adaptive Single-Shot HDR and 3D Imaging at Standard Video Rate

Award for Excellence in
Microsystems Fabrication

Sponsor: Teledyne MEMS
Winner: Amirhossein Omidvar
Supervisor: Edmond Cretu
Organization: University of British Columbia
Title: FlexCMUT, a Flexible Polymer-based Micromachined Ultrasound Array for Conformal Imaging

Award for Microsystems
Innovation by Women

Sponsor: GlobalFoundries
Sheida Gohardehi
Supervisor: Manoj Sachdev
University of Waterloo
Title: Dual-Driver Pixel Circuit and Associated Drivers for Low-Power OLEDoS Microdisplays

Brian L. Barge Award for
Excellence in Microsystems

Sponsor: CMC Microsystems
William Lemaire
Supervisor: Réjean Fontaine
Organization: Université de Sherbrooke
Title: Infrared-Powered Artificial Retina based on a 65- nm CMOS stimulator ASIC

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