Strategic Technologies

Strategic Technologies

Microelectronics, photonics, optoelectronics, micromachining, embedded software and nano-scale technologies


AI and Machine Learning

Build, Optimize and Deploy for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - CMC offers platforms in each step of the flow.


CMC Basecamp™

CMC Basecamp is a suite of training courses which streamline researcher’s access to advanced technologies.

R&D Projects

Collaborative R&D Projects

CMC can provide technical resources and funding for collaborative R&D projects. Learn more about our current projects.

Virtual Incubator Environment

Virtual Incubator Environment

A bundle of CAD and simulation design tools and technologies to accelerate startups' design of innovative products.


Commercial Services

Fabrication, Packaging & Assembly, R&D Products and Services for Industry and Academics-not-in-Canada

FABrIC – Fabrication of Integrated Components for the Internet’s Edge

A Proposal to Canada’s Federal Government

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