Design Methodologies

The methodology deliverables may contain instructional materials such as:

  • Design Flows—Step by step instructions guiding users through the CMC design environment on knowing “what to do”
  • Design checklists—a list of items to consider in your design to ensure successful implementation
  • Design tutorials—instructional material to go through the design flows. It may also include sample design files and libraries.
The design methodologies provided by CMC Microsystems help guide users through the design process to ensure successful “designs”.
Name Summary
Design Kit: Cadence Analog/Mixed Signal Design Methodology and Training Kit The Cadence Analog/Mixed Signal Design Methodology and Training Kit is a package containing a number of elements covering the design concepts for analog and digital block authoring, and overall mixed signal design, based on the Cadence design environment.
Reference Design and Design Methodology: Design of Silicon Interposers Using Standard CMOS Technologies Design of Silicon Interposers using Standard CMOS Technologies – Reference Design and Methodology Flow
Design Methodology: STMicroelectronics 28nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology Digital/Mixed-Mode Design Flow This document outlines the Digital/Mixed Mode design flow for STMicroelectronics’ 28nm FD-SOI CMOS technology.
Design Methodology: ST 28 nm FD-SOI CMOS Technology – Analog Design Flow and Reference Design ST 28nm FD SOI – Analog/RF Design Flow and User Guide
Advanced CMOS ESD IO Design: Application Note, Design Guidelines, and ST 28nm CMOS Bulk LP IO Library Advanced CMOS ESD IO design package, including a document with design guidelines, and ST 28nm CMOS Bulk LP IO Library.
Design Methodology Kit: Cadence Analog/Mixed Signal (AMS) Design Flows An Analog/Mixed Signal Design Methodology Kit and tutorial to learn A/MS design techniques and the Cadence design environment
Design Flow Tutorial: Analog IC Design The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce designers to the analog IC design flow supported by CMC, and to the syntax used by the Matlab and Cadence tools.
Design Flow: Analog IC Documentation for CMC-supported analog design flow.
Design Methodology: Digital Design Flow Description Describes components of the digital design flow, from high level system design to tape-out.
Design Methodology: Digital Design Flow Checklist This checklist presents a sequence of design gates (assessment steps) and their associated rules and guidelines.
Design Methodology: Digital Design Flow Diagram Diagram of the CMC Digital Design Flow V2.0
Design Methodology Kit: ST 28nm CMOS Analog/Digital Design Flow A complete analog and digital design flow tutorial based on ST Microelectronics 28nm CMOS design kit with Cadence Encounter and Synopsys Design Vision setup files and a sample analog and digital IO pad library
Tutorial Guide: Using Mentor Tessent Tool for Scan-Based DFT Flow (ICI-331) This tutorial guide describes how to use the Tessent tool suite to create a scan-based DFT design for CMOSP13 technology.
Design Methodology: Cadence RF SiP The Cadence RF SiP Methodology Kit provides a complete SiP (system-in-package) development platform for adopting and implementing advanced package design techniques for mixed-signal SiPs.
Design Methodology: RF Design Flow Documentation Documentation for the CMC-supported RF design flow
Conference Presentation: DFT Methodology for 3D Stacked Microchips This document contains slide material from a recent CMC presentation at the VLSI Test 2012 Symposium, entitled: Design-for-Test (DFT) Methodology for 3D Stacked Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit
Design Flow Example for DFTAdvisor and FastScan Scan-chain Insertion and Automatic Test Pattern Generation (ATPG) Flow Diagram.
Design Flow Example for MBISTArchitect Memory BIST Insertion and Simulation Flow Diagram.
Design Flow Example for BSDArchitect Boundary Scan Insertion and Simulation Flow Diagram.
Name Summary
MEMS Pro Training Materials Step-by-step training manual for MEMS Pro version 8.0 and 8.2, detailing basic use, and two design example (Tunable Filter and RF Switch)
Name Summary
Design Methodology: An Embedded System Design for Machine Condition or Environmental Monitoring Applications This product is a hardware design for an embedded system that can be used for developing environmental or machine condition monitoring applications or exploring research topics in wireless sensor network area.
Software Development Kit: PetaLinux for Xilinx ML605 FPGA Platform The PetaLinux for Xilinx ML605 is a Linux distribution provided by Xilinx for users who develop Linux applications that run on the ML605 FPGA Platform.
Tutorial Guide: Advanced Multi-FPGA Design Flow (ICI-306) This guided tutorial uses a simple design to walk you through a complete multi-FPGA prototyping design flow.
MATLAB/Simulink-Based FPGA Design Flow The main purpose of this tutorial is to implement a design via MATLAB/Simulink to the AMIRIX AP1000 Prototyping Station Using the Virtex-II Pro FPGA that is supported by CMC
HW/SW Co-Design Methodology: Implementation from MATLAB to FPGA A HW/SW co-design flow to implement system electronics on an FPGA-development platform through system-level modeling, design partitioning, and implementation
Authoring Flow for Soft IP Blocks This block authoring flow supports system-on-chip (SOC) design, and particularly the creation of reusable intellectual property (IP) blocks.
Design Flow: Implementing a C-Based Hardware Design on the AMIRIX FPGA Board Design flow for simulating, implementing, and testing a C-based hardware design on an FPGA development board
Embedded Software Development Flow A basic profile of an embedded software (ESW) development tool chain
Authoring and Implementation Flow: Firm/Hard Digital IP Blocks This document describes the design flow, structure, and methodology for authoring firm and hard IP blocks.

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