Cloud-enabled Secure, High-performance Cadence® EDA

Features and Benefits1

  • Cloud access for your existing Cadence licenses or licenses available to eligible startups on the VIE program
  • Delivery via CMC cloud design environment, a protected environment that transforms your laptop into a secure, high-performance design lab 3
  • Fully configured, installed, and hosted by CMC with continuous software updates to reduce administration costs
  • Design and development resources available on-demand with minimal configuration
  • Access to Cadence University Software program software, Rapid Adoption Kits (RAKs), and GPDKs
  • Access training courses, webinars, and documentation through CMC, additional fees apply
  • Available for use in classroom education or research environments
cadence cloud passport partner program

Annual Service:



  1. Use of this service is subject to the CMC CAD Services Usage Agreement.
  2. Cadence tools are not included. The University Software program tools for design, layout, and analysis of ASIC and PCB designs are to be accessed directly from Cadence by the professor.
  3. Server resources are not included. They are to be purchased separately by the professor.

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