Leadership Team

Headshot of Gord Harling
Gord Harling
President & CEO
David Lynch
Vice President, Technology
Headshot of Peter Stokes
Peter Stokes
Director, Partnerships
Headshot of Marie Thiele
Marie Thiele
Director, Common Services

Key Contacts

Headshot of Oleg Chebotarev
Oleg Chebotarev
Manager, LAB Business Unit
Headshot of Dan Deptuck
Dan Deptuck
Team Leader­­, Photonics
Headshot of Craig Jeffrey
Craig Jeffrey
Chief Information Security Officer
Priya Mangannavar
Team Leader, Microelectronics
Headshot of Udson Mendes
Udson Mendes
Team Leader, Quantum Computing
Head shot of Hugh Pollit-Smith
Hugh Pollitt-Smith
Team Leader, Embedded Systems
Jim Quinn
Manager, FAB Business Unit
Qader Qureshi
Team Leader, MNI

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