Applied Nanotools (ANT) NanoSOI Fabrication Process


  • Silicon-on-insulator, 220-nm top Si film, 2000-nm buried oxide (BOX)
  • 100 keV electron-beam lithography system enabling features down to 60 nm
  • One full etch of the top silicon for standard MPW run, partial silicon etching will be available in near future
  • Tri-layer TiW/Al metallization and TiW alloy heater are available
  • Metal oxide window, deep trench for edge coupling and SEM imaging options are available.
  • Implants for optical modulators will be available in future
  • Supports design and fabrication of a range of components and systems consisting of:
    • waveguides (strip or ridge)
    • gratings for fiber coupling
    • deep trench and nano-tapers for edge coupling
    • multiplexers (diffraction or arrayed waveguide) and filters (resonators, Bragg gratings)
    • ring and disk resonators


  • SOI, 220 nm top Si, 2000 nm BOX
  • 100 keV electron-beam lithography for waveguides
  • One metal level for routing plus metal heater
  • Future options include implants for optical modulators

Note: Every individual accessing this technology is required to read and sign a technology-specific NDA. If you have not done so, please contact Dr. Susan Xu as soon as possible to get started.

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