CMC Becomes Member of IBM Quantum Network at Université de Sherbrooke

June 4, 2020: CMC is proud to become a member of the IBM Quantum Network at the Institut quantique of Université de Sherbrooke (IQ). This initiative is a major step for quantum computing in Canada.
IBM Q Hub at Université de Sherbrooke

Photo credit: IBM Canada

The IBM Quantum Network at IQ will mark the first time this platform – IBM’s most advanced quantum computing platform – will be available in Canada.

Made possible by an investment from the Government of Quebec’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation, the IBM Quantum Network at IQ has the potential to transform the quantum computing ecosystem across the country, with a little help from CMC.

CMC’s core mission is to reduce the barriers to adoption of advanced technologies in Canada by providing leverage through cost sharing and facilitation. CMC simplifies access for researchers by providing state-of-the-art national infrastructure to pave the way for commercialization of processes, devices, components, and systems. We give innovators the right tools and support to discover, create, and deliver.

The IBM Quantum Network at IQ was a perfect fit for CMC President and CEO Gordon Harling. “The IBM Quantum Network at IQ is extremely powerful but also expensive to maintain and complex to program, by undertaking to support the IBM Quantum Network financially and providing an expert team of programmers CMC makes quantum computing research simpler and more accessible for Canadian researchers. The potential for academic research through to industrial applications is nearly endless.” The computing capacity of the IBM Quantum Network at IQ will enable researchers to solve problems in logistics, advanced manufacturing aerospace design, life sciences, finance, and software, and to emerging areas like cryptography and providing advanced security for digital infrastructure.

CMC will train a team of programmers who will collaborate with researchers to use the IBM Quantum Networkat IQ to its fullest potential. It takes a very special skillset to develop and program the algorithms to use the platform properly and harness its quantum power. “CMC’s programmers will play a crucial role working with researchers to fully understand the scope and scale of their goals, then execute the complex quantum programming to solve problems. This is another great example of CMC giving researchers and industry partners the tools and expertise to bring their research vision to life” said Mr. Harling.

As manager of Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN), a national network of over 10,000 academic participants and 1,000 companies developing innovations in advanced technologies CMC is delighted to be able offer access to the IBM Q Hub to a wide variety of stakeholder members of the CNDN across Canada. CNDN is recognized as a Major Research Facility and has been awarded funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Major Science Initiatives (MSI) program. 

For the full press release announcing the creation of the IBM Quantum Network click here

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