Comsol Modules

  • COMSOL – Subsurface Flow Module
    • The Subsurface Flow Module is for engineers and scientists who want to simulate fluid flow below ground or in other porous media and also connect this flow with other phenomena, such as poroelasticity, heat transfer, chemistry, and electromagnetic fields.
  • COMSOL – Ray Optics Module
    • Software for Ray Tracing Simulations in Optically Large Systems
  • COMSOL – Electrochemistry Module
    • For Modeling Electroanalysis, Electrolysis, and Electrodialysis Applications.
  • COMSOL – Fatigue Module
    • When structures are subjected to repeated loading and unloading due to material fatigue, they can fail at loads below the static limit. A virtual fatigue analysis can be performed in the COMSOL Multiphysics environment with the Fatigue Module.
  • COMSOL – Semiconductor Module
    • The Semiconductor Module allows for detailed analysis of semiconductor device operation at the fundamental physics level.
  • COMSOL – ECAD Module
    • Using the ECAD Import Module, you can bring your ECAD files into COMSOL Multiphysics where the 2D layouts are automatically converted to 3D CAD models.
  • COMSOL – Nonlinear Structural Materials Module
    • The Nonlinear Structural Materials Module augments the mechanical capabilities of the Structural Mechanics and MEMS Modules by adding nonlinear material models, including large strain plastic deformation capabilities.
  • COMSOL – Mulitbody Dynamics Module
    • The Multibody Dynamics Module is an add-on to the Structural Mechanics Module that provides an advanced set of tools to design and optimize multibody structural mechanics models using finite element analysis.
  • COMSOL – Wave Optics Module
    • The Wave Optics Module provides dedicated tools for electromagnetic wave propagation in linear and nonlinear optical media for accurate component simulation and design optimization.
  • COMSOL – LiveLink for Excel
    • LiveLink for Excel adds a COMSOL Multiphysics tab and specialized toolbar to the Excel ribbon for controlling the parameters, variables and mesh or for running a simulation.
  • COMSOL – Plasma Module
    • The Plasma Module is a specialized tool for modeling non-equilibrium discharges that occur in a wide range of engineering disciplines.
  • COMSOL – Library Material
    • The Material Library augments the Material Browser with 2,500 more materials.
  • COMSOL – LivelInk for Solidworks Module
    • This Module delivers enhanced connectivity with Solidworks so you can efficiently integrate simulation into your design workflow.
  • COMSOL – CAD Import Module
    • The CAD Import Module brings in all major CAD formats directly into the COMSOL Desktop where you can simulate your design accurately, using a real-world multiphysics model. (From COMSOL website)
  • COMSOL – Live Link for MATLAB Module
    • This Module seamlessly integrates COMSOL Multiphysics with MATLAB to extend your modeling with scripting programming in the MATLAB environment.
  • COMSOL – Particle Tracing Module
    • The Particle Tracing Module extends the functionality of the COMSOL environment for computing the trajectory of particles in a fluid or electromagnetic field, including particle-particle, fluid-particle, and particle-field interactions.
  • COMSOL – CFD Module
    • The CFD Module is a numerical simulation platform for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that accurately describes your fluid flow processes and engineering designs.
  • COMSOL – Fuel Cell Module
    • The Batteries & Fuel Cells Module models the underlying electrochemical behavior in the electrodes and electrolytes of batteries and fuel cells.
  • COMSOL – Optimization Module
    • The optimization Module is an add-on package that you can use in conjunction with any existing COMSOL Multiphysics Product. You can use the optimization Module to improve your design.
  • COMSOL – Microfluidics Module
    • The Microfluidics Module brings you easily-operated tools for studying microfluidic devices. Important applications include simulations of lab-on-a-chip devices, digital microfluidics, electrokinetic and magnetokinetic devices, and inkjets.
  • COMSOL – Chemical Reaction Engineering Module
    • Optimizing chemical reactors, filtration equipment, mixers, and other processes is made easy with this Module.
  • COMSOL – Structural Mechanics Module
    • The Structural Mechanics Module is dedicated to the analysis of mechanical structures that are subject to static or dynamic loads, which you can use for a wide range of applications
  • COMSOL – MEMS Module
    • of coupled physics, at small length scales, including electromagnetic-structure, thermal-structure, or fluid-structure interactions.
  • COMSOL – Acoustic Module
    • The Acoustics Module is designed specifically for those who work with devices that produce, measure, and utilize acoustic waves.
  • COMSOL – AC/DC Module
    • The AC/DC Module is used for simulating electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields in static and low-frequency applications.
  • COMSOL – RF Module
    • The RF Module is used by designers of RF and microwave devices to design antennas, waveguides, filters, circuits, cavities, and metamaterials.
  • COMSOL – Heat Transfer Module
    • The Heat Transfer Module helps investigate the effects of heating and cooling in devices, components, or processes.

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