ESP Basecamp 2023: Dr. Ghafar-Zadeh Session Content

Professor Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh will share with the audience the recent progress of his team in developing novel Open-Gate Junction FET (OG-JFET) devices for chemical and biological applications, such as DNA mass quantification and oral cell monitoring. The outcomes of their research have resulted in several highly prestigious papers and a patent, showcasing the potential of OG-JFETs in life science applications. One of the key challenges in utilizing OG-JFETs for sensing applications is the characterization of these devices. In his talk, Professor Ghafar-Zadeh will introduce his laboratory’s novel, low-cost, easy-to-use, and accurate multi-channel testing instrument, which has been developed to address this challenge. This testing instrument promises to provide valuable insights into the performance and behaviour of OG-JFET devices, facilitating their optimization for sensing applications. On day 2, he will also talk about the COMSOL app note developed by their team for the OG-JFET device.

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