GlobalFoundries® 22FDX FDSOI 22 nm


CMC Microsystems offers access to the GlobalFoundries® (GF) 22FDX 22 nm Fully-Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator (FD-SOI) process technology platform for low power embedded applications. The 22 nm FD-SOI transistor technology delivers FinFET-like performance with energy-efficiency. The simultaneous high Ft /high Fmax, high self-gain and high current efficiency of 22FDX enables ultra low power analog/RF/mmWave designs.

For more information, please refer to the GlobalFoundries 22FDX web page.

CMC Microsystems offers access to GlobalFoundries technologies via its cost-shared multi-project wafer runs. To access this technology, please contact fab@cmc.ca.


The technology is suited for:

  • Integrated RF and analog designs
  • Low-power digital circuits
  • mmWave technologies

Potential applications include:

  • RF, Analog and Microwave systems
  • Automotive systems
  • Low Power Embedded


  • 0.4 V to 0.8 V nominal core voltage
  • 1.2 V / 1.5 V / 1.8 V IO options
  • Four core device Vt’s (FBB, RBB & eLVT)
  • RF BEOL /w ultra thick metal stacks
  • APMOM capacitor

Design Kits and Libraries



List Price
Price for Subscribers
Note: List pricing does not include Engineering Support – contact fab@cmc.ca for a quote.

Note: Discounted pricing is available to academics in Canada with a CMC Subscription. You must sign in to see it.


Contact licensing@cmc.ca.

The trademarks “GlobalFoundries”, the GlobalFoundries logo, and 22FDX are trademarks or registered trademarks of GlobalFoundries Inc.

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