Ocean Optics USB4000 VIS-NIR Optical Spectrometer

The Ocean Optics USB4000 VIS-NIR ES is a miniature plug-and-play optical spectrometer suitable for laboratory benchtop analysis and characterization of fluidic and gaseous media. This instrument performs automated absorption and transmission testing across a wavelength range extending from visible to near IR wavelengths. It is equipped with a high-power broadband optical source (top left in the photo below) and standard optical fibre-based fixture to focus and collect light into a standard 3-ml sample holder (cuvette system, at bottom right). Its small form factor and standard USB interface make it easy to incorporate into your lab’s characterization set-up. You may use Ocean Optics’ LabView-based software development tools to enhance or adapt the spectrometer’s control and analysis user interface to your own system prototyping needs. The USB4000 is fully compatible with the CMC Microsystems Integration Platform (MIP).


  • Wavelength range: 344 to 1048 nm
  • Tungsten Halogen Source: 360 to 2000 nm, 2960 K
  • Operated via USB interface to your Windows controller
  • SMA-terminated optical fibre interface to standard fluidic reservoir/fixture
  • Standard OceanView user interface
  • Omnidriver/SPAM LabView-based software developer package


  • Optical absorption and transmission spectral characterization of small volume liquid samples
  • Chemical fingerprinting
  • Concentration measurements in fluids

What’s Included

  • Ocean Optics USB4000-VIS-NR spectrometer
  • Tungsten halogen source
  • Ocean Optics cuvette holder and optical fibres to couple between source and spectrometer
  • Operating software and SW developer package

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