Ossila Four-Point Probe System

The Ossila Four-Point Probe system is a compact, single-unit probing device designed for measuring sheet resistance, resistivity and conductivity. The probe tips are spring-loaded to avoid scratching the surface of samples. Software and drivers are provided on a USB stick. The software requires a few simple inputs and calculates the sheet resistance, and optionally, conductivity and resistivity of a material with a known thickness.


  • < ±4% Measurement Accuracy
  • ±100 µV to ±10 V and ±1 µA to ±150 mA voltage and current ranges respectively
  • 3 mΩ/square to 10 MΩ/square sheet resistance range
  • Maximum 10 mm sample thickness


  • Material Characterization
  • Thin-Film Devices

What’s Included

  • Ossila Four-Point Probe System with built-in SMU
  • ITO Sample
  • User Manual
  • USB Stick with Drivers and Software
  • USB-B Cable


Ossila User Manual

Results from Testing the Provided ITO Sample
Using Osilla’s Software

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