Mentor Graphics’ Calibre: Resolution Enhancement Technology (RET) Tools

We recently received a question about Calibre Manufacturing tools, which are part of Mentor Graphics’ Higher Education licence bundle. This question related specifically to Optical Proximity Correction (OPC): how to start this module, and where to find help and examples for it.

Here is a brief summary of the steps we use to start this module. The method applies to all the modules in the RET Flow Tool. The release shown in this document is the 2017.1 version.

How to Start the Resolution Enhancement Tools

Step 1: Open Mentor Graphics’ Calibre WORKbench from the CMC Microsystems’ STC disk or in one of our virtual LINUX accounts. For more information about these accounts, please refer to this Community Hub page. To begin, source a *.csh script file found under /CMC/scripts to declare the environment PATH and licence location for Calibre. Figure 1 shows how this is done inside a LINUX terminal. Once you have done this, type the following at a terminal prompt: calibrewb

Figure 1. Starting Calibre WORKbench from a LINUX terminal.

Step 2: In WORKbench, open the RET Tool Flow window.

Under the pull-down menu Litho, select the RET Flow Tool menu item.

Figure 2. Opening the Resolution Enhancement Flow window from within Calibre WORKbench.

Step 3: In the RET Flow Tool: Tools window, open a New RET Flow stream.

Figure 3. Open a new stream under the RET Flow Tool: Tools window.

Step 4: Right-click on the Untitled_Flow0 box and add a new session.

Figure 4. Starting a new Flow in the RET Flow Tool: Tools window.

Where to Find Examples and Help for the Resolution Enhancement Tools

To find help and examples for the RET tools, look for the following. Under the pull-down Help menu, find:

1) Online Manuals: The Calibre Bookcase, listed under the ‘Help and Manuals’ menu entry; and

2) Calibre WORKbench ‘How-To Video Series’, hosted on a variety of external sites.

Figure 5. Contents of the pull-down Help menu in Calibre WORKbench.

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