Tenstorrent Grayskull™ e150 Accelerator

The e150 DevKit is an introductory inference-only hardware kit coupled with two distinct software approaches: TT-Buda (top-down approach) and TT-Metalium (bottom-up approach). This combination provides a foundational platform for AI experimentation and development.


Key Features

  • Architecture: Tenstorrent Grayskull™
  • Tensix Cores: 120
  • AI Clock: 1.2 GHz
  • SRAM: 120MB
  • Memory: 8GB LPDDR4 @ 118.4 GB/sec
  • System Interface: PCIe 4.0 x16
  • Total Board Power: 200W

Key Models Supported by Grayskull

While Grayskull supports a wide range of models, here are five key models that highlight its capabilities:

  • BERT: Ideal for natural language processing tasks.
  • ResNet: A classic choice for image recognition.
  • Whisper: Exceptional for speech recognition and translation.
  • YOLOv5: Excellent for real-time object detection.
  • U-Net: Highly effective for image segmentation.

Grayskull™ e150 Software Development Kit

The Grayskull DevKit offers a range of capabilities, tailored to suit the needs of ML developers seeking alternatives to traditional GPUs. Our hardware supports many models, ensuring versatility in your AI projects.

TT-Buda: Run Models Right Away

The TT-Buda allows users to easily get models up and running. This model is great for customers who want flexibility but don’t have the time to program new operations or contact support whenever something changes.

TT-Metalium: Open Access to Tenstorrent Hardware & Software

The TT-Metalium is great for development customers who want to customize their models, write new ones, or even run non-machine learning code. It does not have black boxes, encrypted APIs, or hidden functions.

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Dr. Yassine Hariri
Senior Staff Scientist
AI/ML and Embedded Systems

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