Subscriptions connect you with information, tools, services, and price discounts not otherwise available, adding value to microsystems R&D. Choose from Basic, Designer, or Prototyping Subscriptions.

Subscription provides:

  1. No-charge access to a range of existing products and services.
  2. Access to new products, such as technologies, engineering services, design kits, training materials, test methodologies and market information as they become available.
  3. Eligibility to apply for discounts on transaction-based products and services, typically 70-100% off market price.

The products and services available through Subscription are intended to enable excellent research, development, and innovation in microsystems and nanotechnologies.

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Subscription Benefits

* denotes products and services for which transaction fees may apply


A Prototyping Subscription provides you the broadest access to products and services for your microsystems research, including multi-project wafer services in a wide range of technologies from leading suppliers: 

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The benefits of Designer Subscription focus on products and services for designing and simulating microsystems:  

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All three Subscriptions include these basic benefits:

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