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Cadence Software (VIE for Startups)

Across Canada, CMC Microsystems supports startups through our Virtual Incubator Environment (VIE). Your company can benefit from the CAD software we provide, and we offer access to fabrication or training for these tools. 

What You Get

A single copy of the following software:

    • Virtuoso Schematic Editor
    • Spectre Classic Simulator
    • Virtuoso ADE Explorer
    • Virtuoso Layout Suite

For an additional fee, you can add verification and sign-off software to the above:

    • Spectre-RF Option
    • Spectre AMS Designer
    • Spectre Accelerated Parallel Simulator
    • Physical Verification System Design Rule Checker (DRC)
    • Physical Verification Layout vs Schematic Checker (LVS)
    • Quantus Extraction
    • Virtuoso Digital Implementation (Synthesis & P&R, up to 50k instances)
    • Virtuoso Digital Signoff Timing Solution (Static Timing, up to 50k instances)
    • Virtuoso Digital Signoff Power Solution (Power Signoff, up to 50k instances)

These CAD tools run only on Linux operating systems (OS). Here is a link to Cadence’s platform support webpage.

How to Access

CMC Microsystems staff provides set-up help and installation support for our VIE clients. We also offer these CAD tools in the Cloud.

Note: Startup companies must qualify for this program. Contact for details.

Minimum Access Requirement

For Canadian Start-ups

Does your research benefit from products and services provided by CMC Microsystems?
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