CMC Microsystems’ Peter Stokes to Speak at Kanata’s Tech Tuesday

June 3, 2019: Peter Stokes, Director, Canada Foundation for Innovation projects at CMC Microsystems will be the guest speaker at the upcoming June 4th Tech Tuesday event at 6:30 PM, the Marshes Golf Club in Kanata.

Through their network and advantageous relationships with multinational microelectronics companies who supply hardware and software to the microelectronics / nanotechnology marketplace, CMC is driving a diverse range of microelectronics initiatives within Canadian universities, colleges and technology companies. CMC programs lower their costs, provide real world product cycle experience and enhance competitive advantage.

No other organization in Canada has such a unique perspective on microelectronics research in universities and colleges than CMC Microsystems. Peter will describe CMC’s network which links 10,000 university researchers and 950 companies and its pivotal role in the founding of dozens of tech start startups.

Gord Harling President and CEO
P: +1. 613. 449. 6820

About CMC Microsystems:
CMC Microsystems works with researchers and industry across Canada’s National Design Network®, providing access to world-class tools, technologies, expertise and industrial capabilities for designing, prototyping and manufacturing innovations in microsystems and nanotechnologies. CMC reduces barriers to technology adoption by creating and sharing platform technologies.

Government funding positions CMC for the future.

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