CMC workshop strengthens students’ insights into advanced CMOS technology

December 5, 2018: CMC Microsystems is pleased to present a two-day event highlighting the challenges and opportunities of an advanced technology that is key to next-generation integrated circuits.

The Advanced CMOS Workshop brings together students, professors and industry to discuss advanced semiconductor technologies.

“This course is in direct response to industry leaders in Canada who have told us that there is a skills gap in this area,” says Gord Harling, President & CEO of CMC. “It provided us with a rare opportunity to bring together the experts in this very relevant field with the emerging generation of high-tech innovators at our postsecondary institutions.”

The event’s first day will provide presentations and demonstrations by experts from Cadence Design Systems and University of Toronto professor and semiconductor specialist Tony Carusone. Students will learn the fundamentals and design challenges of FinFET, an advanced technology that addresses the growing need for smaller, faster integrated circuits that use less power.

“Opportunities to fabricate devices in this technology are few and far between for academics,” says Gayathri Singh, Senior Microelectronics Engineer at CMC and a speaker at the event. “The primary thought behind this workshop is to get students introduced to FinFET technology and design before they get into industry, and also provide them with an opportunity to network with the folks in the business of making devices with this technology.”

The second day will feature presentations by academics and companies on advanced CMOS, as well as future directions in the semiconductor industry. Presenters include representatives from Alphawave IP, Huawei, Microsemi, Kapik Integration, Rambus, University of Waterloo and TSMC. An industry panel will also talk about the importance of training highly qualified people for Canadian competitiveness.

“Thanks to CMC providing affordable access to prototype fabrication for generations of graduate students, Canadian companies have enjoyed a strong edge in hiring new grads with real design experience,” says Tony Pialis, founder of Alphawave IP. “In the sub 28nm technologies the design and layout challenges are much greater. I welcome this initiative to equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills to address these challenges and produce the talent that companies like AlphaWave will need to thrive.”

“Training graduate students at the leading edge of technology can boost Canada’s international competitiveness in hardware innovation,” says Mr. Harling. “We’re pleased to have Cadence and so many Canadian-based companies on board in introducing Canadian students to the unique engineering challenges of this advanced technology.”

The event takes place Dec. 6-7 at University of Toronto.

Gord Harling President & CEO
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