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Dr. Vincent Aimez

Headshot of Vincent Aimez. Link to internal profile.
Vice-President Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer, Université de Sherbrooke

Professor Vincent Aimez holds degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Rouen in France, applied physics from Kingston University in the United Kingdom and electrical engineering from the University of Sherbrooke.

As Vice President, he contributed to the implementation of the “Integrated Innovation Chain” institutional project for digital prosperity, bringing together the Institut Quantique (IQ), the Interdisciplinary Institute for Technological Innovation (3IT) and the MiQro Innovation Collaborative Centre (C2MI) with $28.5 million in funding from the MEI and its project partners. This unique network in Canada ranges from core projects to the pre-commercialization of technologies and the support of developing an entrepreneurial cluster. This integrated chain brings together a wide range of technologies that are vital to the development of artificial intelligence (AI), both in terms of data capturing and processing on chips, as well as high-performance computational systems and their energy optimization. This approach, in addition to the existing AI investments, strengthens Québec’s global position in AI by anticipating the evolution from the “Internet Of Things” toward the “Quantum Internet Of Things”.

Professor Aimez was formerly the Director of Scientific Partnerships at C2MI from its establishment in 2010 until 2017, gathering together a network of industrial and academic partners to accelerate the commercialization of micro-nanotechnologies, with an emphasis on supporting digital technologies. In this position, he also implemented new intellectual property management protocols that enabled the launch of several major University-Industry projects. These projects have contributed to the vitality of this ecosystem, representing more than $600 million in investments since 2010, with 50% coming from the private sector.

A Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, he is the co-founder of the CNRS International Mixed Research Unit, “Nanotechnology and Nanosystems Laboratory” (LN2). With its unique scientific positioning and in conjunction with its multiple academic and industrial partners on both sides of the Atlantic, LN2 has become a point of contact between Europe and North America in the field of micro-nanotechnologies and their applications. He is also a founding member of 3IT.nano at the University of Sherbrooke. In recent years, he has paved the way for many strategic industrial partnerships in the field of applied micro-nanotechnologies in the biotechnology, telecommunications and energy sectors. He actively supports the development of the solar technology park at the University of Sherbrooke, which integrates multiple sources of solar energy as well as renewable energy management, in partnership with the City of Sherbrooke / Hydro-Sherbrooke. His work has resulted in more than 200 publications/conference lectures, and includes numerous collaborations with a variety of industrial partners both in France and in Canada.

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