Access to CAD, FAB and LAB products and services for your micro/nanosystems research.

  Professor Research Institution/Department
  $1000 $5000 + $1000 per professor

CAD Access
Unlimited use of all CAD tools for research use.
Unlimited use of Cadence, Mentor, Synopsys and Xilinx for research use.

Other tools capped at five concurrent use instances per tool from the subscriber’s research team. E.g., 5 concurrent use instances of ANSYS; or 2 concurrent use instances of COMSOL + 1 Tanner + 5 ANSYS are both valid use cases.
Additional access to CAD for research use can be purchased - $1000 for five additional concurrent user instances per tool.
Other Benefits
Subscriber pricing on over 20 fab service options, short-term equipment loans, and training courses.
Access to cloud-based and high-performance computing resources, engineering support and training materials.
One annual bill.
Getting Started
Purchased by a department for use by its professors.
The institution or department will provide a list of professors included in the Subscription. No charge will apply for additional professors added during the subscription term.
Purchased by a professor.
Unlimited number of research team users.
12-month Subscription period.