Gordon Harling appointed President and CEO of CMC Microsystems

January 30, 2018: Microelectronics industry executive and serial entrepreneur brings more than 30 years of experience to CMC.

KINGSTON, ON – CMC Microsystems is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Gordon Harling as President and Chief Executive Officer. An industry executive, economic developer, inventor and serial entrepreneur, Mr. Harling brings to his new position more than three decades of experience working with industrial and academic researchers in microelectronics, microsystems and nanotechnologies in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.

Mr. Harling comes to CMC from Innotime Technologies, his latest Canadian startup, specializing in products and processes in microsystems, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and microand nanomaterials and electronics.

Previously he was Director of Economic Development for Sherbrooke Innopole, in Sherbrooke, QC, where he was responsible for growing local and university-generated startups and attracting multinational companies in the areas of information technology, microelectronics and nanotechnology. Mr. Harling began his career at Mitel Semiconductor as a product and test engineer, later becoming Director of Integrated Circuit Process R&D. He also worked in R&D roles at NovAtel and DALSA.

He is the co-founder of several startups including Goal Semiconductor, Elliptic Semiconductor and WideSail Technologies. Under his leadership these startups attracted collectively more than $13 M in seed, angel and venture-capital investment financing.

Mr. Harling has also consulted widely for Canadian companies and venture capital investors, and has served in various leadership positions on dozens of startups. In addition to publications and presentations he has been issued two U.S. and four Canadian patents. In 2014 he was honoured for Outstanding Contributions to Microelectronics in Canada by the Information Technologies Association of Canada – Strategic Microelectronics Consortium. He is a graduate of Polytechnique Montréal (MEng) and University of Toronto (BASc). He also holds a certificate in Economic Development from Université de Sherbrooke.

“We are thrilled to welcome Gordon to the CMC team,” says Dr. Bozena Kaminska, Chair of the Board of CMC Microsystems. “His breadth of experience and track record of success ensure that CMC and Canada’s National Design Network® continue to play a leading role in strengthening Canada’s innovation economy.”

“Gordon is a stalwart of the high-tech world, with strong links to university labs,” says Ian McWalter, outgoing President and CEO of CMC Microsystems. “He has deep roots in the hands-on fabrication world, and is very manufacturing-oriented. His leadership bodes well for the future of micro-nano technology research, development and commercialization in Canada.”

Mr. Harling assumes his new role on February 12.

Bozena Kaminska
Chair of the Board, CMC Microsystems
P: 778.782.6855

Nancy Marlow
Director of Finance & Human Resources and
Secretary-Treasurer, CMC Microsystems
P: 1.613.530.4652

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