Optiwave and CMC Microsystems launch partnership to give entrepreneurs access to leading edge photonic design platform

MONTREAL, QC and Ottawa, ON – March 9, 2021 – Optiwave Systems Inc.® (Optiwave), and CMC Microsystems, manager of Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN), today announced an expanded technology sharing collaboration, bringing advanced photonics design platforms to Canadian entrepreneurs and start-ups. CMC Microsystems will now offer the entire suite of Optiwave’s photonics design tools to participants in CMC’s VIE Program – the Virtual Incubator Environment. This is in addition to Optiwave tools already being available to researchers and academics in CNDN.

Specifically designed for start-ups in Canada and around the world, the VIE program provides access to state-of-the-art tools for design and simulation at extremely competitive rates and is aligned with CMC’s mission of lowering barriers to technology adoption. Adding Optiwave to VIE is an important step to give entrepreneurs and start-ups access to the most powerful tools on the market to drive innovation.

“Entrepreneurs and start-ups need access to the best tools to develop and perfect their ideas” said Gordon Harling, President and CEO of CMC Microsystems. “The Optiwave design platform is truly at the leading edge and will be a huge boost for innovators in photonic nanotechnology to shorten their time-to-market while improving quality.”

“CMC is an extremely valuable collaborator to Optiwave,” said Jan Jakubczyk, CEO at Optiwave. “We have built an excellent relationship with CMC to make our tools available to researchers and academics and are excited to support emerging entrepreneurs and start-ups in the photonics industry through this agreement.”

Optiwave Design Platform now available to entrepreneurs and start-ups and across Canada’s National Design Network

Photonics technology is widely used in almost all modern technology infrastructure, where it delivers many essential functions ranging from data transmission to sensing. With widespread integration between different systems across applications, the photonics industry is well-positioned for explosive growth.

Through the collaboration with CMC, Optiwave can support more entrepreneurs and start-ups with limited resources who are interested in Optiwave’s software. Optiwave believes that this can solidify their market share, and leading role in the photonics design industry.

For Mr. Harling, this agreement with Optiwave not only fits perfectly with CMC’s core mission of lowering barriers to technology adoption, but also shows how CMC and its partners contribute to the Canadian economy. “Canada is recognized as a world leader in photonics technology. We are proud to partner with Optiwave – a Canadian firm – to further develop the growing photonics industry here and help Canada build a stronger, more resilient economy Mr. Harling concluded.

For further information or to participate in the VIE program and receive a discounted price version of Optiwave, please visit or contact  

About CMC Microsystems:

CMC Microsystems works with researchers and industry across Canada’s National Design Network® (CNDN). We provide access to world-class platforms for Computer Aided Design (CAD), prototyping and manufacturing services (FAB), training and support (LAB) for researchers, entrepreneurs, and industry. Our services are geared for microsystems, nanotechnologies, photonics, and support innovative sectors of the next-generation economy. CMC reduces barriers by offering simplified access to the right tools to create tomorrow’s technologies. Our network is made up of over 10,000 entrepreneurs and researchers at 60 post-secondary institutions across CNDN.

About Optiwave Systems Inc.
Optiwave ( is a leading provider of engineering design software products for photonic, biophotonic, and system design engineers. Optiwave provides a comprehensive variety of optical component and system design tools to hundreds of leading high-technology businesses and academic institutions. An established community of engineers and scientists in over 80 countries supports Optiwave’s hallmark of achievements in Canadian business for over 25 years.

Optiwave is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with an established distribution network throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. To download a free evaluation license, please visit Optiwave’s online resource centre at


For more information, contact:

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