How to SFTP with CMC to Upload a Video for Symposium

End user upload and download file instruction

Windows user:

To connect to SFTP server from a Windows system, the user must use a SFTP client software. i.e. FileZilla, MobaXterm, WinScp, etc. This is free software that you can download from the Internet.

Host: s (make sure you copy this url)

Username: your CMC registered username

Password: your CMC login password

Drag and drop file from local site to directory Videos in remote site.

If you share a file through Videos directory, you upload file to Pub directory as showed above, then you send the uploaded file name and download instruction to recipient.

The Videos directory is double-blinded so you will not be able to see the files that you uploaded.

Linux user:

If an user connect from a Linux system, the openssh client works well.

For example:

[joe@cmc-eng-01 ~/temp]$ sftp -o
Connecting to…’s password:
sftp> cd Videos
sftp> put vivado.log
Uploading vivado.log to /Videos/vivado.log
vivado.log    100%    553    0.5KB/s    00:00

SFTP directories

Videos – Video folder to be used to upload Videos for Symposium

Pub – which is used for any CMC registered client to exchange files. (Pub is double-blinded.)

fab – which is used for fab/drc upload. fab is a temporary location.

Anonymous – which is used by anyone who doesn’t have CMC account.

Username: sugar

Contact for password

If you have any question or other requirement, please contact

Important notice of Anonymous directory

Files left in this area are available to anyone who has the username and password. Please delete it after you finish file exchange.

Confidential or proprietary material should not be moved around via this site

For more detailed instructions for uploading/download, see CMC SFTP instruction for users.

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