CMC SFTP instructions for users

CMC SFTP server is used for file exchange between CMC and users.

Server information

Username: Your CMC registered username (your email address)
Password: your CMC login password


CMC SFTP server has enhanced security policy.

  • You should know your username and password for login. The server will block your IP address if you failed login 5 times.
  • Top directories are double-blinded for non-staff users.

You can not see files or sub directories. You have to know exactly the directory and file name if you want to download file. The same way is you have to let recipient know the directory and file name if you upload a file.

Please open a support case if you have any problem.

SFTP directories

fab – which is used for fab/drc upload. fab is a temporary location.

Pub – which is used for any CMC registered client to exchange file. pub is double-blinded

Anonymous – which is used by anyone who doesn’t have CMC account.

Username: sugar

Contact for password

SFTP client software

There are many different ways to exchange files with CMC SFTP server. Based on the nature of security policy applied to the server, I recommend you use command line tools.

Using a Command Line tools

Both Windows 10 and Linux (Mac) have built-in SSH commands for SFTP.

Open a Command line (Windows 10) or a terminal (Linux/Mac), and go to directory where you have the files. Below are some examples:

Exchange files in Pub directory

$ sftp -o user=your_email_address
(you will be prompted for your CMC password)
sftp> cd Pub
sftp> get download_file_name

sftp> put upload_file_name

# Create sub directory under Pub

sftp> cd /Pub

sftp> mkdir my_upload_20200908

sftp> cd my_upload_20200908

sftp> put my_upload_file

# Send email to recipient with directory and file name.

# Delete uploaded file after recipient downloaded it.

sftp> rm my_upload_file

sftp> bye

FAB/drc upload

$ sftp -o user=your_email_address
sftp> cd fab
sftp> put my_design_file
sftp> bye

Important notice of Anonymous directory

Files left in this area are available to anyone who has the username and password. Please delete it after you finish file exchange.

Confidential or proprietary material should not be moved around via this site

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