Spotlight on Microelectronics

The Future

The semiconductor industry is heading toward a collaborative and comprehensive “silicon to services” model. This shift will mean that the industry will cover a more integrated product and service offering that spans from data centers to the mobile edge applications.  

This model builds on the ideas of Platform as a Service (PaaS), open-sourced hardware, and building silicon from disaggregated, pre-verified chiplets to slash costs and reduce time-to-market for heterogeneous designs.  

This shift brings with it significant initial costs and structural barriers that can dissuade some innovators and firms. CMC lower barriers to microelectronics technologies access by reaching out internationally to customers to help make production runs more affordable and frequent for Canadian clients. Our channel partnership with GlobalFoundries (GF) is an example of how we are allowing Canadian innovators to compete in this space. 

Meet the Team

Photo of GayathriGayathri Singh
Team Leader, Microelectronics
Feng Q. Liu
Senior Technical Staff, Microelectronics
Photo of ParvanehParvaneh Saffari
Technical Staff, Microelectronics
Photo of GovindGovind Radhakrishna
Technical Staff, Microelectronics
Photo of JimJim Quinn
Manager, FAB Business Unit

Industrial services: sales@cmc.ca

CMC has significant interaction with organizations enabling microelectronics R&D and training.

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