GlobalFoundries® 12 LP


CMC offers access to the GlobalFoundries 12 nm FinFET technologies. The 12LP technology is targeted for high-performance, power-efficient SoC applications in demanding, high-volume applications. 3D FinFET transistor technology provides best-in-class performance and power with significant cost advantages from 12nm area scaling. FinFET benefits include high drive current, superior mismatch and Vmin and >10x SER (soft error rate) reduction vs planar technology.  FinFET improves Subthreshold Swing/Slope (SS) vs the planar FET, thanks to the better electrostatic control over the channel. For the same reason, FinFET has much less Body Effect, higher output impedance, and higher intrinsic gain.

CMC Microsystems offers access to GlobalFoundries technologies via its cost-shared multi-project wafer runs. To access this technology, please contact fab@cmc.ca.

The process flavour supported by CMC is:

  • Option 9/ Stack 11, 13M_3Mx_2Cx_4Kx_2Hx_2Gx_LB


Potential applications include:

  • high-performance, power-efficient SoC applications such as CPU/ GPU and mobile processors
  • Wired and wireless networking
  • RF/Analog: Wi-Fi, transceivers and high-speed networking


  • Logic Voltages → Vnom: 0.8V, Vmax: 0.945V
  • 4 VTs: SLVT / LVT / RVT / HVT
  • IO offering: 1.2 V, 1.35 V, 1.5 V and 1.8 V EG Devices
  • Well resistor, precision MOL resistor, MIM / MIM4 / APMOM / MOS / VNCAP capacitors, ESD, eFuse, VPNP, VNPN and Diodes, Inductors, Transmission line
  • Interlevel Low-K and Ultralow-K dielectrics
  • Packaging options: C4 solder, Round or Oblong Copper Pillar Bump, Micro pillar Bump

Design Kits and Libraries

  • GF12lp0_4.0
  • Device library
  • RF library
  • ESD library


Subscribers (Academics in Canada)
Subscribers (Academics in Canada, Peer Reviewed)
Academics outside of Canada or Industry

Pricing will be provided under a 3-way NDA. Contact fab@cmc.ca.


Contact CMC. Contact fab@cmc.ca for MPW access, or sales@cmc.ca for a dedicated run.


Contact licensing@cmc.ca.

Minimum Subscription Required: Research

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