Agilent ( Hewlett-Packard) 346B Noise Source, 10 MHz to 18 GHz, Nominal ENR 15 dB

The Agilent 346B is a general-purpose broadband noise source that eliminates the need for several sources at varying frequencies. Excess noise ratios for each 1 GHz interval from 10 MHz to 18 GHz are printed on the noise source. Low VSWR reduces uncertainty from the reflection of test signals. Useful for noise figure measurements using the Y-factor method.


  • 10 MHz to 18 GHz
  • VSWR: < 1.3:1
  • Individually calibrated ENR values at specific frequencies
  • Connectors: BNC (female) input bias / 3.5 mm (male)


  • Characterize system components including RF amplifiers
  • Measuring noise figure using the Y-Factor method
  • Frequency response measurements

What’s Included

  • Agilent 346B Solid State Noise Source
  • BNC to SMA Adapter


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