Agilent 81960A Tunable Laser and Mainframe

The Agilent 81960A is a tunable C- and L-band compact tunable laser source, capable of fast bi-directional wavelength sweeping from to 1505 to 1630 nm. The laser has a rated output power of +6 to +14 dBm. It is configured with an angled polarization-maintaining fiber interface, and housed in an Agilent 8136B mainframe.


  • Tuning range 1505 to 1630 nm
  • +14 dBm peak power
  • 200 nm/s maximum scan speed
  • Keyed angled PM fibre interface


Typical applications for this instrument include:

  • Test of optical transceivers for telecommunications applications, requiring single mode, high power, high side mode suppression ratio sources in the ~1550 nm range.
  • Optical sensors, where narrow linewidth is required in order to efficiently couple light into high finesse ring resonators
  • Applications requiring high wavelength sweep speed and data acquisition rates

What’s Included

  • 8163B mainframe
  • 81960A-162 fast swept compact tunable laser
  • N7700A fast spectral loss application suite


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