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The Ansys Campus Solutions bundle provides access to the majority of available Ansys software, including but not limited to HFSSIcepakMaxwellMechanicalSpaceClaim, and AIM. It provides simulation capabilities for structures, heat transfer, 2D/3D electromagnetics and multiphysics problems, using CAD file import add-ons, solid modeling tools, high performance shared & distributed memory (HPC) solvers, advanced meshing, and post-processing features.

CMC Microsystems is licensed to provide access to Canadian Academic Researchers if their research activity is in the micro/nano-technologies area only. Approval for use must be received directly from Ansys. Please complete this access approval form and email a copy to To speed up approval by Ansys, please include a short statement indicating the nature of your micro- and/or nano-systems research activity.

For more information on what is included in this bundle, please refer to the Ansys Academic Features Product Table.

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