Arm Processor Design and Prototyping

Arm is one of the most widely used families of processor cores worldwide, from low-power, battery-operated embedded devices and smartphones to compute servers. In addition to incorporating Arm-based COTS components into board-level designs, commercial and academic users can integrate Arm processor IP into their custom-manufactured SoCs.

CMC accelerates design and manufacture of Arm-based devices by offering:

  • Industry-standard CAD tools and flows for design, verification, and physical implementation, PCB design, and software development
    • CMC cloud access, pre-configured to ensure quick and easy desktop use
  • FPGA platforms for emulation and validation, early software bring-up and debug
    • Available on-site, through short-term rental or via CMC cloud access
  • Design kits for fabrication in commercial technologies from 350 nm down to 12 nm
  • Multi-project wafer services for fabrication
  • Packaging and assembly services
  • Access to test equipment
  • Technical support

Resources for Researchers and Educators

CMC is a member of the Arm Semiconductor Education Alliance, which provides teaching and learning resources for STEM education and research.

Researchers have access to an extensive catalogue of processors, physical IP, and tools through the Arm Academic Access program. Arm Academic Access provides simplified, institutional licensing for:

  • Software development tools and models
  • Training
  • Processor IP, including machine learning processors and GPUs
  • Security IP
  • Peripheral controllers
  • Processor reference designs
  • Physical IP libraries down to 5nm CMOS

SoC Labs is a global community of academic researchers innovating in SoC design, manufacture, and deployment using Arm-based technologies.

SoC Labs has launched SoC Design Contest 2024/25: Understanding Our World with a focus on developing mixed-signal SoCs that interact with the physical world. The contest supports two alternate tracks:

  • Collaboration/Education, where the focus is on developing design skills, education, and democratization of silicon design
  • Hardware implementation, where the focus is on novel and innovative hardware

Rewards or prizes for successful projects will include subsidies for travel to conferences and costs associated with silicon tape out of project designs.

Contact CMC to express interest and get support!

Resources for Startups

Arm offers Flexible Access for Startups which provides access to an extensive portfolio of IP, tools, training, and support, with a $0 license fee to develop a prototype.

CMC’s Arm-based Products and Services

CMC also offers multi-project wafer services and related fabrication services in a variety of technologies supported by Arm physical IP libraries.

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