SwiftMote IoT Customizable Sensor Platform

SwiftMote is a family of open-source, customizable, low-power, Bluetooth motes designed to be a proving ground for your novel sensors and packaging research to showcase to investors.

Jump-start your research by using one of the available SwiftMotes out of the box or customize it to suit your R&D needs. SwiftMote includes everything needed to sense the environment, store the data, and forward the information to a phone or PC using Bluetooth.


What’s Included

  • TI CC2640 Bluetooth processor
  • 128kB of Flash memory
  • Light and temperature sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • Android app to receive and display data


  • Custom low-power sensing
  • Sensor-network research
  • Machine monitoring
  • Biomedical monitoring
  • IoT for AI at the edge, sensor fusion


  • A small, battery-powered mote
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Open design flow
  • KiCad project file schematics, layout and Bill of Materials
  • Software source code

SwiftMote – Electrochemical

What’s Included

  • ST BlueNRG-LP Bluetooth processor
  • 256kB of flash memory
  • 64-bit unique ID
  • Expansion ports with 4x 12-bit ADC and I2C
  • Analog Devices AD5941 potentiostat amplifier with 16-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC
  • Host PC application to record and process square-wave voltammetry data


  • Electrochemical experiments
  • Generic potentiostat interface for biomedical and gas sensing applications
  • IoT for AI at the edge, sensor fusion.

Leveraging the solid foundation provided by the SwiftMote Platform, this electrochemical variant provides researchers with a battery-operated wireless sensor for electronic

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