SwiftMote IoT Customizable Sensor Platform

The SwiftMote Sensor Platform is a Bluetooth wireless sensor mote. SwiftMote is an open platform designed to be a proving ground for your novel sensors and packaging research to showcase to investors. Jump-start your research by using SwiftMote out of the box or customize to suit your R&D needs. SwiftMote includes everything needed to sense the environment, store the data, and forward the Information to a phone using Bluetooth.


SwiftMote Datasheet

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CMC facilitates R&D in IoT sensors and systems by offering an:

  • Open design flow including KiCad Project file schematics, layout, Bill of Materials
  • User customizable design files
  • Opportunity to modify the design with CMC
  • Documented hardware and software on Github
  • This system comes with a low-power TI CC2640 processor, Bluetooth, 128kB of Flash memory, light and temperature sensors, an accelerometer, and a cellphone application to receive and display the data.

The main repository for the platform is:


  • Sensor-network research and development
  • A path to smaller interposer form factors
  • Custom Low power sensing
  • Data gathering for A.I. system, sensor fusion.

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