CMC Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors

Amy Karam and Vanessa Little bring extensive experience to CMC Microsystems’ Board of Directors

MONTREAL, QC – March 27, 2023: CMC Microsystems, a leading organization accelerating research and innovation in Canada, is pleased to welcome Amy Karam and Vanessa Little to our Board of Directors. They bring a wealth of experience from industry, research, as well as invaluable governance experience. They will play a vital role in setting CMC’s strategic direction over the course of their three-year mandates.

Amy Karam  

Principal of Karam Consulting, Amy Karam is a 5G thought leader, recognized speaker, Duke CE & McGill educator, and trusted authority on globalization, competitive strategy, innovation, digital transformation, the shifting power dynamics in international business, and the geo-political impact of China’s rise as well as other emerging nations, as discussed in her book, The China Factor: Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete, Grow and Win in the New Global Economy (Wiley) and in her TEDx talk

Amy’s experience includes 15 years of experience in Silicon Valley and a cumulative 20+ years in the tech industry, at companies like Nortel, Cisco, TELUS, Apple, and in various business development, sales, operations, change management and marketing roles. Amy has also worked with Global Affairs Canada, The Bank of Canada, EDC, ISED, Visa and the World Bank, among others, and is a fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Vanessa Little  

With over 25 years of experience in various technical, governance and R&D roles in the telecoms, retail and IT Infrastructure sectors, Vanessa has developed a diverse toolset. Currently, she is global CTO of Interdynamix Systems (IDX), a Converge Technology Solutions, and has built meaningful connections across a vast ecosystem of partners. An active entrepreneur, Vanessa continues sits on various boards as both a director and an advisor.  She currently holds a Board of Directors seat for EcoTank Canada and sits on the board of governors for the Canadian Telecom Summit.  

Vanessa is a champion for women in tech fields and is a member of Women of Openstack, Women in Comms and IEEE. 

About CMC Microsystems: 

CMC Microsystems is a not-for-profit organization accelerating research and innovation in advanced technologies. Founded in 1984, CMC lowers barriers to technology adoption by creating and sharing platform technologies including access to state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities. CMC enables research, development, and the training of highly qualified personnel (HQP), benefitting a network of over 10,000 academic participants and 1,000 companies developing innovations in advanced technologies. The key values of CMC are: benefits to Canada, a role as an honest broker, and research excellence.  

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